Header bidding RTB advertising is a technology that helps publishers receive bids from a multitude of publishers at the same time instead of presenting inventory in turns. In a unified auction, all advertisers have equal bidding opportunities. It increases publisher’s profits and gives advertisers the right to access and pay for the excellent quality inventory before it’s sold in the first round of ‘waterfall.

Header biding

How does header bidding work?

  1. User requests a website
  2. Header tag script redirects user to one or many SSPs (or DSPs, or Exchanges)
  3. User calls one or many SSPs in parallel
  4. SSPs conduct auction with DSPs and internal network demand*
  5. DSPs respond with bids*
  6. SSP determines winning bid value and returns to User
  7. User passes bid value into ad request and calls Publisher Ad Server
  8. Ad server determines final line item to serve and redirects User to Marketer Ad Server (let’s assume the ad server determines a pre-bid SSP line item for this example)
  9. User calls Marketer Ad Server
  10. Marketer Ad Server returns final creative (via CDN)
  11. User calls trackback to SSP

Best Header Bid Networks

  1. https://www.sovrn.com/
  2. https://www.appnexus.com/