Some websites are useful when accessing the internet.

When visiting the internet, there are some useful sites you must know to stay safe, your experience better and learn new things. Below is an incomplete list of some of the websites you should visit. This list will be updated as soon as I know more useful websites, but you can also contribute by commenting below the articles' websites you know.

File Sharing

This is a utility for you to share files with friends quickly and safely

  1. Simple, private file sharing from the makers of Firefox
  • Pros: Simple, fast, encrypted files, Easy to use
  • Cons: Could not send a file from the console (shell)

2. Easy file sharing from the command line

  • Pros: Made for use with shell, upload up to 10G. Files stored for 14 days
  • Cons: slower than


This website where you can store any text online for easy sharing

  1. The website is mainly used by programmers to store pieces of sources code or configuration information, but anyone is more than welcome to paste any type of text
  2. Super fast and super simple. Markdown support

Youtube Converter

There are thousands of videos that get uploaded on YouTube every day. All of them need Internet connections to watch. You might want some of them to be converted into an mp3 or an mp4 format so that you can listen and watch them even offline.

  1. Download Video and Audio from YouTube
  2. Convert and download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, and other formats

Tiktok Video Downloader

TikTok is a mobile application that allows users to view music clips, record short clips and edit them, and add special effects to the clips. There is a lot of creative content in this app, and you might want to save these engaging videos.

  1. Tiktok Video Download: Download Video Tiktok

Watch Movies Online

  1. Netflix: Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices.
  2. HD-movies: Watch high-quality movies for free. Watch free movies online without signing up

Freely useable images.

  1. Unsplash: The internet’s source of freely useable images. Powered by creators everywhere.
  2. Pexels: The best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators.