Taboola is one of the top sponsored content networks on the Internet. They power many of the “Sponsored Links” and “Stories you might like from around the Web” sections

To become a publisher of taboola. There is a bit of difficulty. They have a minimum traffic requirement of 5,000,000 pageviews every month. Manual review process. When you prove the minimum traffic. The content team will evaluate the website content before you are officially accepted

To evaluate an ad network for publishers. I am interested in the following factors: Ad formats, Revenue, Report, Support and Payments. We will in turn evaluate these factors

1) Ad formats

Taboola is Sponsored Content Networks. Their ad formats are designed to suit each website Popular formats:

- Below Article

Taboola Below Article

- Right Rail

- Special. They have a format called Taboola Feed. Taboola Feed brings the scrolling newsfeed experience consumers love on social networks right to your pages. It’s a game-changer for publisher revenue and audience building.

In my experience, taboola feeds generate about 20% more revenue than other ad formats.

2) Revenue

Taboola offers revenue by CPC

In our experience, taboola have seen click rates (CTR) approaching 1%-4%, with CPC rates in the range of 5 to 10 cents, and RPM of nearly $0.5-1$. Notably, fill rate is nearly 100%

With US traffic, the best revenue. 1 click revenue is about 10-20 cents. Traffic EU countries revenue is not good

3) Reports

There are two main types of performance reports — revenue summary and interaction funnel. Revenue summaries can be displayed by date, placement, country, or platform (desktop vs. smartphone vs. tablet). Several metrics are available to display, including page views, CTR, clicks, CPC, RPM, and total revenue. Reports can be customized by any date range. The interaction funnel reports are also available by date, placement, country, or platform, and show more detailed stats on visibility rate, mouseover rate, and clickthru rate of your widget placements. Overall, reporting is very easy to use and has pretty much everything you could ask for. The data is updated almost realtime

4) Support

They have Personal Account Manager for you, Email support channel is also relatively easy

5) Payments

Payment Methods Available: Direct Deposit via Payoneer with NET +45. Their payment is very timely. I have never been late for a payment appointment