One of the oldest network Native Ads, used by many businesses / individuals is MGID network.

MGID was founded in 2004 by an outstanding young Russian programmer, a leading pioneer in the field of Native Advertising. After more than 10 years of development, MGID's current headquarters are located in the United States.

Who should use MGID?

Traffic coming from 10000 websites with more than 300 million visitors, advertisers increasing, MGID became one of the top choices of publishers.
If you own a website with traffic from good to terrible to make money based on visits, replace adsense, you can consider registering to display MGID ads.

How does MGID pay you?

Average RPM is about $ 0.1- $ 0.5

Ads are displayed clearly & prominently on the website

Income is calculated on all geographic locations (GEO) and all access devices.
In addition, MGID's advertising and distribution system also has advantages:

Track and identify the content on the publisher website with the highest interaction & the most traffic attraction

Optimize ads based on user experience and geography


  • Payment Methods Available: Payonner, PayPal, bank wire transfer
  • Payment Terms: Net 30
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $100 USD

Pros of Using MGID for Publishers

  • Easily accepted as a publisher
  • Ease of integration: MGID’s widgets are simple to create, customize, and integrate into your currently existing website design.
  • Personal account manager

Cons of Using MGID for Publishers

- Increased bounce rate :

- Low fill rate

My personal rating.

If your website is rejected by adsense or other ad networks. mgid is a relatively good alternative. Join mgid quite easily, simple ad integration. RPM okay. Very suitable if you start making money from the website

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