The 'stinging' question is sure to have been asked when watching blockbuster action movies.

Indeed, everyone has seen action movies, but our heroes who are shot by bad guys jump into rivers and pools to hide. In theory, this is a smart move, because the liquid can slow down the bullet and help us find a safe place. But in fact, what? Can we avoid shots by diving into the water?

Water has a resistance of about 800 times better than air, so if an MG-42 bullet leaves the barrel at 915m / s, it will stop after crashing into the water about 76cm. But if you use smaller weapons (pistol or shotgun), it can get down to 243cm.

We also have to take into account the shooting angle: if the bad guy shoots a gun at an angle of 30 degrees below the surface of the water, then the bullets will probably not go beyond 150cm, no matter how small the weapons are and go at high speeds. So if we jump into the water then dive deeper than 250cm (2.5m), the chances of survival will be much higher than running on land.

But if you meet a bad guy, then he will ... run after you on the shore, waiting for you to run out of oxygen, you will shoot, then at that time, only raise your hand to surrender!