Finally, Huawei's "peace" days have also ended. They are no longer praising Apple and Google. Recently, CEO and founder of Huawei launched the most direct threat to the United States.

If the US government does not allow Google to provide the Android operating system (for Huawei), the world will have a third operating system - and that will not be the best benefit for the United States.

There is no other way.

It is not difficult to understand why Mr. Nham suddenly changed his attitude. If you follow the launch schedule every year, Huawei's year-end model only has 2 months before its public release. Android OS is still tightly closed with Huawei. Huawei is really at risk of facing Google. Huawei leaders have no other choice: it's time to threaten and criticize Android.

Does Google need to be scared? Let's see: 10 days ago, during the ceremony to introduce HarmonyOS, Mobile CEO Richard Yu insisted that Huawei's operating system would be "Plan B" for the upcoming "Mate 30".  Plan A is Android, though HarmonyOS says Huawei seems to be superior (?).

fellow countrymen: Are you brothers or bitter opponents?

Let's assume that HarmonyOS is secure, and Google still has another weapon: Huawei's country companies. Xiaomi, for example: since the US government first issued a ban on Huawei and ZTE, Xiaomi has never appeared in any speech or document of the US government.

More significantly, OnePlus, the brand with "BKK" house with OPPO and Vivo, is still comfortable in the US business. Motorola, the US brand now affiliated with Lenovo (China), is still widely sold at significant carriers. These brands may face rising tariff barriers, but that is the problem that American companies themselves also face.

Only Huawei

Except for Huawei, there are no other Chinese smartphone brands in the US blacklist. For Huawei, these brands are not brothers, but competitors. Coming to India, to Vietnam, to Latin America or Europe, they use Google's Android; they sell phones with full Google Play, Gmail, YouTube, Maps. Huawei declared war on Android as a statement battle with Mi A3, with OPPO K3, with Vivo V17 and other (hundred) million Chinese smartphone models sold worldwide.

With the top market share in India, Xiaomi has dropped Android to switch to HarmonyOS?

Try putting yourself in the position of Xiaomi or OPPO. Will they choose a primitive operating system, coming from a direct competitor? Will they be willing to bet on a new operating system and then saw their market share to Samsung,  just like what happened with Windows Phone and Nokia?  Can they trust HarmonyOS, when Huawei considers this operating system "plan B"?

"You can't rule out the possibility that a third-party operating system might surpass them," said Nham. In theory, yes, that could happen. Huawei needs to overcome the most significant smartphone technology history of Chinese technology history.