When watching YouTube videos, you sometimes find videos that you find very "interesting", such as your favorite song videos, business experience sharing videos ... and you want to replay YouTube videos. when you see it all.

Automatically Repeat YouTube videos when finished

Open YouTube videos that need to be replayed automatically and right-click the screen, select Loop

Play YouTube videos repeatedly

Goto https://beemusik.com

On the search bar. You type the name of the song you want to listen to. In the search results, you choose the most suitable song. The video will then be looped automatically. You will enjoy your favorite song

Or you can directly paste youtube link into the search bar, Video will be repeated automatically

Example : https://beemusik.com/video/kOH2nsDlpOc/modern-talking-mix-2019-best-remix-of-popular-songs-summer-special-mix-2019.html