This application perfectly duplicates a range of Apple's leading devices, copying from the way the operating system and apps work to the code below.

According to TechCrunch's report, Apple has just filed a lawsuit against software company Corellium, in the state court of Florida. The reason is that Corellium has created an iOS operating system emulator application on the web browser.

Corellium's application allows everyone to create and interact with virtual iOS devices, such as an iPhone running iOS 12 software, and all can be done on a web browser.

Apple accused Corellium of infringing the copyrights of the iOS operating system, requiring the software company to stop all applications related to iOS emulation and compensation.

Cornelius could allow a security researcher to quickly create an iPhone with an iOS operating system to hunt for security holes. If a vulnerability is discovered, the researcher can upload older iOS versions to see how long the vulnerability has been.

Finding errors and testing on iPhone simulators is smooth and without risk. Because if an error causes the iPhone to fail, even to break the brick, there is no problem and need to create a new device instead of having to replace another iPhone.

In a complaint, Apple said: "The application that Corellium provides is a virtualized version of Apple hardware devices, allowing anyone to access it with a web browser. Specifically, Corellium introduced its appeal as a perfect replication of a range of Apple's leading tools, copying from the way operating systems and applications work to the code below. Cornelius has no license for cooperation or permission from Apple".

Reference: TechCrunch